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Best GitHub Repositories for 2023

Best GitHub Repositories for 2023

To become a better Programmer...๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Table of contents

  • Advantages of Using GitHub
  • 1. The art of Command Line
  • 2. Ossu Computer Science
  • 3. Free Programming Books
  • 4. Awesome Design Patterns
  • 5. Project-based learning by Tuvtran

GitHub is an immense platform for code hosting. It supports version controlling and collaboration.

It is an American company. It hosts the source code of your project in the form of different programming languages and keeps track of the various changes made by programmers.

In this article, we will learn some of GitHub repositories, which will help you to become a better Programmer.

Advantages of Using GitHub

GitHub can be separated as the Git and the Hub. GitHub service includes access controls as well as collaboration features like task management, repository hosting, and team management.

  • The key benefits of GitHub are as follows.
  • It is easy to contribute to open-source projects via GitHub.
  • It helps to create an excellent document.
  • You can attract the recruiter by showing off your work. If you have a profile on GitHub, you will have a higher chance of being recruited.
  • It allows your work to get out there in front of the public.
  • You can track changes in your code across versions.

Here are some of my suggestions of GitHub Repositories

1. The art of Command Line


Fluency on the command line is a skill often neglected or considered arcane, but it improves your flexibility and productivity as an engineer in both obvious and subtle ways. This is a selection of notes and tips on using the command-line that we've found useful when working on Linux. Some tips are elementary, and some are fairly specific, sophisticated, or obscure. This page is not long, but if you can use and recall all the items here, you know a lot.

Find the GitHub repository here

2. Ossu Computer Science


The OSSU curriculum is a complete education in computer science using online materials. It's not merely for career training or professional development. It's for those who want a proper, well-rounded grounding in concepts fundamental to all computing disciplines, and for those who have the discipline, will, and (most importantly!) good habits to obtain this education largely on their own, but with support from a worldwide community of fellow learners.

It is designed according to the degree requirements of undergraduate computer science majors, minus general education (non-CS) requirements, as it is assumed most of the people following this curriculum are already educated outside the field of CS. The courses themselves are among the very best in the world, often coming from Harvard, Princeton, MIT, etc., but specifically chosen to meet the following criteria.

Find the GitHub repository here

3. Free Programming Books


This list was originally a clone of StackOverflow - List of Freely Available Programming Books with contributions from Karan Bhangui and George Stocker.

The list was moved to GitHub by Victor Felder for collaborative updating and maintenance. It has grown to become one of GitHub's most popular repositories, with 243,000+ stars, about 9,700 watchers, more than 7,100 commits, 1,900+ contributors, and 50,000+ forks.

Find the GitHub repository here

4. Awesome Design Patterns


A curated list of software and architecture related design patterns.

Software design pattern - A general, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design. It is a description or template for how to solve a problem that can be used in many different situations.

Find the GitHub repository here

5. Project-based learning by Tuvtran


A list of programming tutorials in which aspiring software developers learn how to build an application from scratch. These tutorials are divided into different primary programming languages. Tutorials may involve multiple technologies and languages.

Find the GitHub repository here

Hopefully, these GitHub repositories have helped you out. Have some GitHub repositories of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy coding! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading and I will see you in my next blog. Also, you can follow me here Twitter and Instagram.

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